Video SSP

Harness our Technology to maximize your ad revenue


Ad Revenue Simplified

Enjoy the benefits of site monetization, without the need to develop editorial video content, through our innovative Out-stream creative solutions.


the ultimate ad solution

Leverage our cutting edge video player technology to present HD quality video ads quickly & easily with a single HTML tag across your site in all platforms.

Cross device

One Tag, Full Control

Use our unique one tag solution to simplify your advertising needs across all devices and channels for better results. Gain control over your inventory and automate campaigns across all formats, screens, and channels, under one comfortable to use platform, while increasing your sell-out rates with programmatic direct, private marketplaces or your own RTB exchange demand.


A Pioneer’s Toolbox

Get your revenue pumped up by our data-driven optimization solutions that allow you to extract the maximum from each impression served

Insight tools

Real Results. Powerful Insights

Never miss a thing with our full-featured reporting system that will give you the right data at the right time. With its flexible and customizable abilities, you could integrate with third party data providers, create and save custom reports, and pull any sort of data you require for any given time period. All to give you the best insights to drive your business with higher CPMs.

Ad units

boost viewability everywhere

All of our units are designed to enrich your inventory as added value to your existing products in addition to the ability to optimize your video content monetization with our dedicated Intelligence SSP.


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